About US


To resolve this deficiency in our structural framework Alma Family Centre was founded to;

  1. Promote and strengthen the cognizance of family values in the society and to adopt necessary political measures to that end.
  2.  Support and strengthen families in order to enable them to effectively exercise their roles and responsibilities.
  3. Nurture, preserve and strengthen families and marriages, individuals, youth and children.
  4. Build and cultivate principles of integrity, moral uprightness within individuals in our communities.
  5. To identify disadvantaged, orphaned and under privileged children in the communities and help nurture and educate them for optimal child development.
  6. Create proper visions among the youths through counselling, coaching, giving career guidance and training with supportive resources, messages and campaigns.
  7. Train women in soft skills and income generating projects to bolster self-reliance.
  8. Create awareness of the dignity of families and individuals as we recognize the rights of everyone to a healthy, secure and productive life.
  9. Propose and promote favourable legislation for development from a family perspective.


  1. Within the family unit, a profound human need can be met. In a small group such as that formed by a family, the members have the chance to find love, care and understanding, but also to face demands and take responsibility.
  2. That family life provides individuals, especially children, with security and the opportunity to develop their qualities to the utmost on preventing family troubles and social orphanage, on assuring child’s rights and legitimate interests protection. We believe that children are a gift. Therefore, parents are accountable for raising and nurturing them.
  3. We acknowledge the value and uniqueness of every human being. Love, respect, forgiveness and the need to build peace, justice and integrity underpin our work.
  4. We impress on developing moral uprightness and reconstructing a value system based of principles of integrity, fairness and honesty.
  5. We believe that preventing couple separation and maintaining intact families where healthy relationships can exist is of fundamental importance to the flourishing of family life and society at large.


Some of our programs include;

  1. Strengthening Family Program.
  2. Strengthening the Youth
  3. Addiction & Recovery Program.
  4. Bridging the Skill Gap Graduate Program.
  5. Mentoring Program.
  6. Career Guidance Program.
  7. Women Support Program.
  8. Mediation and Reconciliation.


To achieve our objectives and implement our programs, we have agreed to take the strategic direction below.