About US


Alma Family Centre is a unique NGO founded in 2014 for the purpose of strengthening families/marriages, preserving values/morals through mentoring, counselling, coaching and training individuals, the youth and children. We however are not a faith based NGO.

The family is the fundamental unit in society. Our security and sense of coherence is established in childhood, in one’s own family. Our work involves regular family activities and programs, providing marriage and family counselling, trainings, mentoring, guidance and support to both the children and their parents with the aim of building a stable nation.


"It is a society where everyone has the opportunity for a healthy life and a healthy family."


To provide a holistic healthy, emotional, social, spiritual, and environmental well-being to problems and challenges facing families/marriages and individuals. We therefore share relationship skills, knowledge and support individuals, couples, children to build healthy, functional families.


One of the key challenges for the future development of Uganda is family break ups. The issue of family in Uganda has been neglected a lot by the government allocating it under the ministry of gender and yet it is a wide issue that needs a full ministry. According to statistics from the High Court Family Division, divorce is on the rise of close to 40% in Uganda, we have 2.5 million orphans according to UNICEF, a study by Action Aid found that up to 70% of Ugandan women experience violence in their homes and over 10,000 street children are living on the Kampala streets, according to a report by the World Bank, the University degree unemployment rate is at 36% and Uganda ranks 30 out of 48 countries in the Sub-Saharan Africa region in corruption.

The numerous problems within our nation are a direct result of deep seated family issues such as poverty leading to child deprivation of basic needs, exclusion and vulnerability, child labor adultery, divorces, early marriages and child abuse, early pregnancies, HIV/AIDS, drug abuse, corruption which are on the rise.

Therefore, a chain of lifelong difficulties is created from the smallest family unit and initial stages depriving our children of psychological and intellectual development, moral and ethical stands and thus reinforcing an intergenerational cycle of dysfunctional adults and families that are supposed to shape our nation.

Alma family Center intends to address these problems that are facing families, strengthen and unite them through mentoring, counselling, coaching and training in line with the strategic development goals 2030.


We have set the following objectives and values to help us successful execute our programs